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I loved every aspect of You Say It First." Amanda: 4.5 Stars "You Say it First is the first book in a brand new series from Susan Mallery and I couldn’t be happier...Susan Mallery has a knack for creating flawed characters and giving them opportunities to figure it out for themselves." "[A]fter all this time of reading Mallery I still enjoy her books like I'm reading her for the first time..."Carol and Mathias are an unlikely pair, but somehow their easy friendship and fun banter makes them the perfect match.They have a connection and they want to deny it, but it’s stronger than they are...there is something about Carol that calls to his heart and the artist within him." 5 Stars!

The main characters were a joy to watch get together." "Mallery creates a somehow believable fairy tale world in her books, and that speaks to her writing. Mallery (the Fool’s Gold series) excels at creating protagonists who grow individually as well as together on the way to their destined happy ending." "There's a lot to like about this first book in Mallery's new series, Happily Inc, about a California desert town that's known as a wedding destination.She gets into trouble and generally ends up leaving a trail of mayhem behind... A lovable but accident-prone beagle, a campaign to buy companions for Millie [the giraffe], and a family wedding — Mathias’s brother Del and his fiance Maya (Thrill Me) add both complications and fun, and a just-barely-secondary romance featuring Carol’s sister and a duke rounds out this pleasing, warmhearted romance.There’s humor and real emotion and that touch of whimsy that characterizes some of Mallery’s romances." "A quirky town keeps bringing happily ever afters when people least expect it!"What an amazing second book in this new series by Susan Mallery...there is something about a slow burn romance that I just love.Susan Mallery did a really great job grabbing the emotions of these two characters and putting them into words.

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Here's how: Entering 2018, it's easy for publishers to remain in defense mode as they brace for another year of battling the duopoly.